What is Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry?

A common question that most ask about our organization is what is freemasonry? The simplest response to is that freemasonry is the very measure of a man. Freemasonry believes that a man’s worth can be measured by his deeds, character, morality and his love for his fellow man. Our organization utilizes our symbols and moral teachings to provide the tools which allow our members to improve themselves and become kinder, happier, stronger and consequently more successful and better men. We are an institution in which men of upright principles can find like minded individuals and mentors which allow them to improve themselves. We believe that human happiness begins with the smallest improvements of self. Therefore, those who can affect positive change and offer acts of kindness add wealth to the common stock of humanity. Freemasonry allows its members to rise to greatness through charity and self-improvement.Our organization accepts men of all backgrounds who profess a belief in deity. We believe that the great religions of the world all provide a moral compass to their faithful. Thus, while we believe that each man must build his private relationship with God, freemasonry offers an all-encompassing brotherhood where moral man of all faiths can work in tandem to improve our society. Now as to the great secret of freemasonry, that is found within each individual as they come know themselves and find their purpose within the context of the greater good.


Where the roots of freemasonry began no one can say for certain as they are buried in antiquity. Some of the earliest masonic documents which we posses date back to the operative stonemason’s guilds of the Middle Ages. These ancient masons had already established and attached a freethinking speculative moral philosophy to their operative art and profession. It is this same moral philosophy which guides our brotherhood to this very day. Modern freemasonry originated in London over three centuries ago and within a decade of the formation of the first grand lodge the Order had spread all over the world.During the Age of Enlightenment, many eminent philosophers and masons such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire and Thomas Paine began to advocate for the rights of man in accordance with masonic teachings. These ideals became the benchmark of the beliefs which contributed to the founding of our nation. Thus, freemasonry has an especially rich history and tradition in the United States. Many of our founding fathers were active freemasons of their time. The ranks of these eminent men include Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington and Henry Knox to name a few. In fact, it is said of brother Washington that he never took anyone in his full confidence who was not a mason. One such man and the namesake of our lodge was Henry Knox, a Boston book seller who would go on to become Chief Artillery of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and would ultimately serve as the 1st Secretary of War of the United States under the President Washington. It is worthwhile to say of these honorable men that they became masons before they attained eminent power, social standing or wealth and that the moral teachings of freemasonry no doubt guided their path as they blossomed through a life of self-improvement. This is a time honored masonic tradition which we carry forward to this day as we help shape the eminent freemasons of the future.

“Freemasonry is founded on the immutable laws of truth and justice and its grand object is to promote the happiness of the human race” Brother George Washington