Knox Corinthian Masonic Lodge


Knox Corinthian is so much more than just a masonic lodge. It is fraternity, within a greater one, that is truly dedicated for the betterment of its members & society at large. The lodge brings people of all ages & backgrounds & provides an opportunity to greatly immerse oneself with opportunities for leadership & growth as a Man. The ability to engage with great Men from all walks of life & to apply great value for the community distinguishes Knox as a true leader in our community here in Dallas, TX. Knox’s purpose is bigger than itself & includes tremendous support to the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. The support of the hospital may be its greatest attribute to Freemasonry; however, it is not just limited to that. By offering mentorship, fellowship, community, friendship, & brotherly love Knox takes many young brothers by the hand & teaches them to be great & noble builders in their own lives as well as how to impact all those around them positively.
Knox as a whole, strives for greatness, but without the individual work & support from each brother our work would be in vain. Such is the exact reason why we welcome & meet with one another upon the level, without looking up or down at each other, but instead lookingat ourselves as equals, regardless of what position of greatness or weakness a brother may be in. The great work we strive for & how seriously we take it though is not lost in our humanity.
When we’re not at labor we too enjoy spending time with each other outside the lodge, be it having a bite or drink at some of our favorite restaurants, selling raffle tickets to raise money, & our staple – play a little golf at our annual golf tournament. Stature in politics, business or else will not be enough to make you our brother, but to be a good & productive member of Knox one must truly embody the purity of heart that is so desired to be able to put others first & foremost, before oneself.

Master’s Message

Rob Rose

Worshipful Master 2018-2019

Knox Corinthian is a special place! When I began to write my installation remarks, that thought kept coming to my mind. Whenever we talk about the men in the Lodge- whether they be Past Masters, Brothers celebrating long periods of service to the craft and their communities, or a new slate of officers for this coming Masonic year- it is clear that Knox is a special place. When we talk about Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and its nearly 100 year legacy of consistent care for children, and the wonderful bond of common service and mission our Lodge shares with it, it’s hard to argue against KC as a special place. Later this fall, we will have the honor of participating in the cornerstone leveling ceremony at the Hospital’s new Frisco campus- that will be a great day!

As the newly installed WM for this great Lodge of dedicated and accomplished men, I find myself presiding over a highly functioning organization with exceptionally competent leaders in every area. I’d like to take one more opportunity to say thank you to PM Scott Siekerski for faithfully leading the Lodge over the past year and for leaving it in such outstanding shape. His attention to detail in every area was obvious to me as I served under him and now I have the privilege of enjoying the benefits of his work.

We have work to do and are well underway in a number of key areas. Our fundraising platform in the golf tournament and raffle are off to a great start with Bros. Jeff Haven and Brian McGauley cheerfully continuing to serve as heads of those combined efforts. Our degree programs are firmly established under Burrel Poston and are evidenced by the weekly emails to engage the teams for another degree seemingly every Monday. On the technology front, the Executive Committee recently met with Omid Rahmani and Tony Atkins to review the latest progress on a total redesign of our online presence. Their professional experience and willingness to serve will be crucial in the effort to provide access to our Lodge from men who are interested in Masonry or moving to the metroplex in search of a new home.

We have a great year ahead of us! I look forward to serving with each of you to continue making an impact on each other as Brothers, on our fraternity and on our community.

-Rob Rose, Worshipful Master ’18/’19