Knox Corinthian Lodge #851

Knox Corinthian Lodge is dedicated to the betterment of its members and society at large. We commonly think of ourselves as “the

Hospital Lodge” given our close relationship to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. We count numerous community and business leaders among our ranks, including a majority of the clinical and administrative leadership of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital of Children. We consider ourselves a diverse group committed to self-improvement, support for our

fellow man, and observance of the lessons of our Craft. Beyond the doors of our lodge, we seek to build fraternal bonds through a rich tradition of fellowship and conviviality.



Knox Corinthian Lodge meets in downtown Dallas, Texas, in the Green Room of the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral. Following our meetings, whether stated or called, we often gather to enjoy fellowship over a meal. Members, masonic visitors, and candidates are welcome to attend our public social events and quarterly luncheons. As a lodge firmly committed to charity, we are involved with a number of initiatives dedicated to the improvement of our community and the lives of others. We encourage all to participate in the spirit of service and giving.

Master’s Message

Knox-Corinthian Lodge #851 – Master’s Message

As I expressed at the luncheon, if this year had a theme, it might be “Back to The Future”, save and
except I don’t have a DeLorean time machine. That said, it is time to break out of some of the Inertia
that seems to have set in over the past 2 years and get back to meeting, and having lunch and enjoying
our brotherhood. I am hoping, and actually pleading with each of you to find just 1 or 2 ways to be
involved. Come to our meetings, get back into the swing of things, try and commit to come to maybe 1
degree a quarter, or better yet, contact our new Degree Master, Brother John Wilson and ask to be
involved in a degree. It is fun, and it means a lot to our candidates.

I am very blessed to have an OUTSTANDING team of officers this year. We have all committed, as
officers, to work to attend each regularly scheduled meeting to all extents possible. So, come out and
meet some of the Brothers you may not know. We truly want to see you and hear from you. We have a
number of active committees, and the Chairs are looking for Brothers to help. This does not have to be
any extreme commitment of time. If everyone does a little, together we accomplish a lot.


John Taylor
Worshipful Master, 2022-2023